Just as meditation takes time and skill, Zen Posture meditation benches require the same level of dedication. Our craftsmen carefully merge modern design with old-school woodworking techniques to create products that get even better with time.

Meditation benches encourage aligned, open posture so you can stay comfortable, maintain a higher degree of focus and make the most of each meditation session. Additionally, our benches are built to fit your active lifestyle.

Their sturdy steel hinges empower you to collapse the bench into a compact size and take your Zen with you wherever you go.

Precision-cut, air-dried silver maple, also known as wormy maple, is sustainably harvested and hand-selected for the beauty of its distinct grain patterning. Every bench is different, and the wood is treated with a natural oil and beeswax finish for a natural feel.

Black rope wrapping creates a durable and comfortable grip. Upon special request, our craftsman can use white rope for lighter look. Get in touch to discuss this customization option.

Expert Colorado artisans handcraft each bench—from assembly and sanding to jointery and finishing.

Hidden magnets hold the legs together and provide a stable base when the bench is in “sitting position.”

Weight: XX lbs.

Dimensions: 17"w x 4.5"d x 7.5"h