Join us in a new place – one that's grounded in tradition yet made for the modern meditator and contemporary home. The Zen Meditation Cushion is crafted using the finest natural materials and designed to provide flexibility in youe practice. Its defined pill shape lets you “ go low” by using it flat on the ground or “rise up” by turning it on its side. And the simple, sophisticated style boasts calming hues that are both neutral and eye-catching at the same time.

Provides a comfortable seat for any length of meditation session

Made from German Merino wool felt, a biodegradable, renewable material

Constructed using high-quality stitching and heavy thread to ensure lasting durability and no leaks

Filled with organic buckwheat to create a lightweight cushion that molds to your body

Refreshes the meditation cushion designs of yesterday to offer two-height versatility ( use flat or turned on its side ) and modern style