the zen difference

It all started with the Ronin Meditation Bench, which is designed to gently tilt your pelvis into perfect postural alignment so you can enjoy longer, more rewarding meditation sessions. But our mission doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to responsibly sourcing high-end, renewable materials for their unique appearance and natural brilliance. We strive for clean lines and seamless flow in every single design. And we carefully craft each detail with attention and care to ensure that our products will endure through every style of meditation: daily, extended and out-of-home.

Founded by a biomechanics expert with a penchant for fine woodworking—a convenient combination—Zen Posture is in a class all its own. Our products redefine the act of meditation by reinventing the market itself. As a company, we are committed to making leading-edge products that inspire your practice and help you excel. Even the upward stroke in our logo is designed to express this theory of personal growth.