We air-dry our precision-cut woods to retain the rich color and complexity that you typically can’t find in furniture stores. Common steam drying uses a chemical additive that gives the wood a bland, uniform appearance, and since there’s nothing uniform about Zen, we skip the steam and opt for the more natural solution.

The natural, modern appeal of our furniture isn’t an accident. It is, in every sense, premeditated. We use only the finest materials, starting with responsibly grown woods and premium felt to create a look that you’ll love to feature in your home. Zen Posture isn’t a brand you’ll hide away in a closet. Our products are built to use, last and be admired in all their natural, handcrafted magnificence. One look and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

For every bench we sell, Zen Posture donates funds to plant a new tree in its place. That’s just part of our commitment to sustainable design that does good for the mind, body, spirit and the world around us.

We know where every piece of our wood comes from and we carefully track the tree’s journey all the way to our workshop. We work with a third-generation sawyer with deep roots in the Colorado community to hand select our choice grade wood, and make extra efforts to source local woods whenever possible.