The Ronin Meditation Bench looks so
small. Will it fit me?

The Ronin is small, yes. But that just makes it amazingly portable. Generally, the Ronin will fit everyone from 5' all the way up to 6'4". However, if you're taller than 6' and have larger sized feet, we suggest the Seiza instead. Still unsure? Stack some books into an 8" stack and kneel down on it. If you are comfortable, the Ronin will fit you fine. If it feels too short or restricting, go for the Seiza. Either way, if you order a bench that doesn’t fit, send it back in the same condition within 30 days for a credit or refund.

Do Zen Posture products havea warranty?

Yes. Our products are built to last, and that’s how we guarantee them. Parts occasionally fail, and we can easily replace them at no cost should there be any issue down the line. Regular wear and tear and intentional misuse are not covered under the Zen Posture warranty.

What is the Zen Posture return policy?

If your bench doesn’t fit or there is a problem with your product (manufacturer’s defects included), please send it back in the same condition within 30 days for a refund. We’re happy to credit you toward a different bench or refund your money in the form it was received. If the bench is damaged or dirty, we may require a 20% restocking fee.

Does Zen Posture build custom products?

Depending on wood availability, we are open to creating some types of custom meditation furniture. Additionally, we may be able to create one of our current products in an unlisted wood. Contact us with your request and we’ll be happy to discuss your options in detail.

Does Zen Posture do wholesale?

Yes. If you are interested in selling Zen Posture products at your facility or want to help spread the word, our dedicated, Denver-based team is here to help. We invite domestic and international companies to visit our wholesale page and contact us directly.