- Meditation Platform - Walnut -


Who could have imagined that something so solid and angular could embody such grace and softness? A piece of local walnut supplied the vision and materials for this spectacular platform, and it will no doubt provide a welcoming space for your practice. Beautifully at home in both small and large spaces, this one-of-a-kind piece features a bookmatched top created by cutting large pieces of the wood in half and “reflecting” them to create a mirrored effect. Additional information and photos available upon request. Edition 1 of 1 means this is and will always be the only platform of its kind.

- quantity -


Precision-cut, air-dried Colorado black walnut is sustainably harvested by a local, third-generation sawyer and hand-selected for its gorgeous color and sapwood highlights. Treated with a natural oil and beeswax finish for an authentic feel.

Expertly crafted by Colorado artisans—from assembly and sanding to joinery and finishing.

Built for lasting durability using superior woodworking craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 36"w x 32"d x 7"h.

Apprx. 30 lbs

For every limited edition item we sell, we plant a tree.