- Ronin Altar -


The Ronin Altar is built upon the same foundation as our Ronin Meditation Bench with one important addition: it offers a bigger canvas to show off each piece of wood’s delicate grain and figuring. Place the Ronin Alter in your devoted practice space and adorn its top with your favorite meditation effects or use it solely for bench storage in another room. The simple, modern design will complement any style of décor and the outstanding craftsmanship ensures it will last for generations.

- quantity -


Prime-grade claro walnut is precision-cut and air-dried to bring out its highly figured appearance and let its rare, natural beauty shine through. Treated with a natural oil and beeswax finish for an authentic feel.

Expert Colorado artisans handcraft each Altar—from assembly and sanding to joinery and finishing.

Waterfall grain moves from one side of the alter to the next, uninterrupted and with unmatched natural elegance.

Dimensions: 17"w x 5"d x 12"h.

2 lbs.

For every bench we sell, we plant a tree.